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Essential #1: Connect With The Attitude & Heart Of A Winner

On this trail we'll explore how your attitude which encompasses your thoughts and feelings, shape your outlook and perspective of life; and how your outlook which drives your actions/results. You will see that among the top attitudes of winners, the three that stands out which you should focus on developing in your own life as a smart achiever, are: optimism, courage and passion, so you can use your personal fire-power to launch your life and dreams to your next level.


Essential #2: Discover Your Greatness Hidden With Your Uniqueness

On this trail we'll explore something called "unique greatness" which is a combination of two simple unassuming words that when combined will unleash the power to succeed in every arena of your life. You will learn the first principles to understand both uniqueness and greatness and that you are  driven to succeed in your own life by different things, because of your unique energetic makeup, so you can begin unleashing the greatness on God within you from a unique place of power.


Essential #3: Walk In Alignment With Your Authentic Self

On this trail we'll explore how walking in alignment with your authentic self is based on allowing the Light of God to shine through you, so the world sees the good that you contribute, and give praise to God for His gift of blessing within you.You will discover and understand the simple principle behind God's Big Idea in connection with you living life by the purpose, path, and plan He's designed for you, so you can live with more freedom, happiness, and satisfaction.


Essential #4: Don't Be Afraid To Share Yourself With The World

On this trail you will explore why sharing yourself is basically the only way we all have for expressing our unique greatness and doing what you were born to do in the world. You will discover why unlike a number of people who are probably somewhat uncomfortable and uneasy with that, you don't have to be simply because you were born with something to give away; and when you do it correctly, they rewards will always outweigh everything else.

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