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Essential #1: Grab Your Biggest Advantage

On this pathway we'll explore  the question of "what makes you stronger and better positioned in life, or what gives you the greatest advantage for winning?” If you have you ever seen two sumo wrestlers engaged in combat, you'll know that winner is the one who manages  to get the other out of the ring. You'll also learn the sumo wrestler's secret so you know how to keep your position and balance in life.


Essential #2: Create Your Own Magnetic Field

On this pathway we'll explore how to skilfully employ your strengths, passion, & resources to seize available opportunities – or create your own. You'll also learn how seizing an opportunity means to take advantage of  an appropriate or favourable time or condition which arises in your life that will allow you to attain a goal or advance towards success so you can use this to propel your life forward in new ways 


Essential #3: Practice The #1 Secret Of Champions

On this pathway we'll explore the simple secret formula for winning which is to do more than everyone expects and  always give it all you’ve got, and how to skilfully use this secret to your advantage so you stand far ahead of your peers. You'll also learn why It is difficult, if not impossible to occupy a place in the winners’ circle of life unless you have the guts to be a winner and how to develop the "MA" to stand in the winner's circle in each area or your life, so you are best position to win almost every time. 

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"The secret of your success is determined by your daily agenda." 
John C. Maxwell​

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