15 Priceless Principles

Every Believer Ought To Know About Your Identity In Christ

To understand who you are, you must also identify who you 'ARE NOT'!

  • You are NOT who the world says you are. The evil system which is against God, has an opinion of you and it is never good.

  • You are NOT defined by your mistakes. Restoration is always available in Christ Jesus, if you can accept His grace. 

  • You are NOT who you have often believed you are. Our perspectives of ourselves is limited - this is why we need God's truth on who we're called to be. Just ask Gideon!

What You Believe Most About Yourself,
Will Shape Your Life & Your Experiences

The world today is filled with people who are frustrated and on the wrong paths because they simply have no sense of who they are; they have not connected with an identity that helps define who they are born to become, what they are created to achieve, and what they can have and receive in both this life and the life to come.

Your identity determines your activity.


Teachers teach, Preachers preach, Singers sing, Dancers. dance etc. So a simple principle rings true: Who you believe you are, will drive what you do. And whatever identity you embrace most, will essentially shape the course of your life. What you believe most about you, will shape what you do, how you live, and what you receive in your life.


So, who are you? 

The experience of being born in an imperfect environment has left many believing that they too are worthless, no good, useless and that God will never truly accept them. 


But the reality is that God has always known that He never created you as an ugly duckling, but rather, your true nature is that of a beautiful swan, all He wants you to do is accept and embrace your new identity in Christ, and your life will be totally transformed - because your perspective has changed.  


Here is the most important question of your life ...WHO ARE YOU? 

Re-Discover Your IDENTITY In Christ

My assignment today is simply to help you better understand your identity in Christ, s
o you can live the abundant and blessed life that Jesus said he came to bring us in John 10:10. 

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