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Discover Your Destiny

Have you ever in your adult life, looked in the mirror as the days and months have passed by and thought, ‘wow, I thought that things would be different in my life; I thought I would have been much closer to the life I’ve dreamed about by now; I thought I would be much more fulfilled, happier, and more satisfied with where I am on my journey”.


Well if you have, the truth is, you are not alone... 




Your identity determines your activity. Teachers teach, Preachers preach, Singers sing, Dancers. dance etc. So a simple principle rings true:


Who you believe you are, will drive what you do. And whatever identity you embrace most, will essentially shape the course of your life. What you believe most about you, will shape what you do, how you live, and what you receive in your life.


So I ask you again: Who are you? 



Success Foundations

Have you ever seen one of those fabulous castles of ancient Europe? What do you never hear about?


Well, nobody talks about the foundation! Why, because it is not only hidden from view, but often holds no charm and class - it is not as sexy and intricate as the hand-carved stained glass windows or the fancily decorated chandeliers that adorn the great halls, yet, without a strong solid foundation, everything will be reduced to rubble. Success is often the same way!




Let's take a journey into connecting with a deeper sense of what the "Pull Of Destiny" is and how it affects everything you do and can become. Our discussion is based on the simple principle that God has given you the power and ability to create your own "big picture life" by tapping into a few important truths.


Mankind has always been passionate about improving things, building things, redesigning things etc. man has always been obsessed with pushing the boundaries on 'what is' to explore 'what can be'. That's because we all have inherited a special gene from the God Himself called, 'the heart of a creator". Step into your destiny and connect!

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