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Purpose Unleashed offers some of the best eBooks to help you grow in your personal, family, and spiritual life as a Believer. Written in simple storybook format with practical exercises and wisdom lessons to engage you, these books will put you on a clear path to unlocking God's greatness within.



Success Foundations

Nobody talks about the foundation because it is not only hidden from view, but often holds no charm and class - it is not as sexy and intricate as the hand-carved stained glass windows or the fancily decorated chandeliers that adorn the great hall, yet, without a strong solid foundation, everything will be reduced to rubble.


Success is often the same way; but how do you build a foundation strong enough to support your dream and do it in a simple way that is fun to implement and easy to learn, so you see results in the shortest time possible?



Catapult Your Clarity

One of the common challenges that arise when we have things happen in our lives and allow others to define and add meaning to our experiences who are unqualified to do so, is that it often creates a state of confusion rather than clarity.


When we allow unqualified sources other than the Supreme Authority [God] to assist us in defining life and connecting meaning to it, we sometimes end up on the wrong path for our lives–and that can often become the origin of much frustration and misery in life. So how do you tap into simple but effective strategies to keep moving you towards better focus & clarity in your everyday life?




We are responsible for putting everything in proper perspective, to create the type of life we want to enjoy living, but here's the catch. You cannot effectively put all of those pieces together until you have sketched out what your very own big picture looks like; you must have a blueprint of what you are working towards building in your life, to make the process of connecting the dots easier and manageable.


So how do you take all your hopes, dreams & desires and seamlessly fit them into a clear vision road-map you can follow?



Goldmine Your Life

All the inventions ever created, all the songs ever sung, all the books that were ever written, all the companies ever built, all the cures ever discovered etc. all came from the hearts and minds of men and women, which the Creator used to download or deposit rich treasure within in, to benefit the world. When you stop to think about this, you quickly come to the awesome realization that the richest treasure deposit on the planet, is not the diamond mines in Africa, but rather the human mind.


But here is what is most important in this equation; you must first recognize that within you lies great treasure which makes you wealthy beyond your wildest dreams; then take action to mine and excavate from your life, the greatness God has deposited within you. So the big question is, ‘Where and how do you begin excavating the treasure within your life?”



Reposition Your Life

A personalized winning strategy is necessary and important because true lasting success never happens without a proper game plan. No matter how short or simple the plan may be, success demands a plan. And there is a simple reason for this…


You see, your mind needs something to focus on to fully activate its ability to produce greatness in your life. It needs direction; it needs clarity; it needs a path or plan! And once given a strategy, it will begin doing everything to attract the proper resources to see that plan accomplished. So the big question is, ‘how and where do you begin creating your own personalized winning strategy so you can really activate your God-given ability for greatness in your life?”




Many people are struggling with understanding who they are, and who God has called or created them to be. They are grappling to determine what they need to do from day to day to allow them to live a life of both significance and fulfillment. These major struggles center around the question “Am I on the right path and headed in the right direction in my life?”


If you too are only coping with life, rather than living it! If you are constantly haunted by the feeling that surely there is something more to life. If you are constantly asking yourself, “Was I put on earth just to get a job, buy a house and car, grow old, and then have a nice funeral?” Then this book is just for you!

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