Conrad L. Jones

Who Is Conrad L. Jones?

Conrad is the Founder and CEO of the Purpose Unleashed Media Group, with a simple goal of teaching 1 million people worldwide, how to connect with their God-given authority to identify, engage, and release their full potential to experience a life well lived.


Conrad is a multi-gifted individual, a dynamic speaker, author, consultant and life development specialist with a God given mission to equip and empower the Body of Christ to do God's work within the earth. He is among a generation of young vibrant leaders called to actively carry the message and mandate of the Kingdom of God into all facets of life including business, family, government, church, & philanthropy.


Conrad is also the creator of "The Re-Engaged Challenge”, the powerful breakthrough event that teaches people how to make the right promises to themselves; not to settle for less than the best - which is what you rightfully deserve in life; and to move with courage to fight against mediocrity, conformity, and anything that hinders them from their God-ordained destiny.


The "Re-Engage Challenge" is done via live seminar events, online multimedia training, guest appearances, and group coaching programs etc.

In The News
...The Bahamas Tonight

Pastor Conrad has served as a source of inspiration, guidance and support to many young people including the NBA's 2016 New Orleans Pelicans Draft pick, Chavano 'Buddy' Hield.


In the Bahamas Tonight ZNS News report, Pastor Conrad is sharing a few life lessons with the NBA star and his visiting friends during a Sunday morning worship service at his church.

The Author

Your Life

Success Foundations

Your Clarity

Being The Best

The Influencer

Rt. Hon. Perry G. Christie

Former Prime Minister (2012 - 2017)
Commonwealth of The Bahamas
receiving Conrad's new book: Re-Engage!

Chevano "Buddy" Hield

The Pastor, Speaker, Coach

The Musician

When speaking to Conrad about his music ministry gift, one of the phrases you'd often hear him say is "oftentimes, your passion for something, is produced from your pain - and most anointed worshipers I know, have a painful story upon which the foundation of their worship experience is built; my story is no different!"


Conrad enjoys being a part of the creative/artistic process of the music ministry and you'd often find him sitting at the piano with head-phones on playing worship music at 3 a.m. - away from the crowds and in the cool silence of the dawn.