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Essential #1: Start By Clearing Away The Clutter

On this trail we'll explore how to begin moving from clutter to clarity in your life. You will learn how clutter is really all about two simple things; position and process; i.e. the position of disorganized, disorderly stuff in your life, and  the process or the way you manage that stuff so you get more freedom to do more of what you want with your time, energy and resources.


Essential #2: Engaging The Gate-Keeper's Philosophy

On this trail we'll explore The importance of why you must accept responsibility for, and exercise your authority to manage what flows into and out of your life regularly. You will learn how to come to terms with the fact that It is you who decide what is worth your time; it is you who decide what feelings and emotions you will carry through the day etc.


Essential #3: Gatekeeping Best Practices

On this trail we'll explore the 4 simple best practices which we have found that successful gate-keepers connect with and focus on to help you effectively guard against competing tasks, activities, and people working to sometimes unknowingly to disrupt your focus, deplete your energy, and hinder the important pursuit of purpose in your life.


Essential #4: Managing The Distractions In Your  Personal World

On this trail you will explore how distractions work to break your rhythm and makes it increasingly more difficult to get back in gear. You will learn that in life, the main reason people fail is because they either have no focus, or they allow their focus to get broken;  you will see how to manage distractions and how to deal with the different types of distractions so you can live a more focused life.

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