• In the next eight (8) days we're going to show you

    how to re-shape your story, rediscover the clues in your heart, and find your focused assigned path, so you can live with a stronger sense of purpose and passion.

  • You'll walk away with a clear strategy

    for accessing deeper levels of personal clarity on your calling, and a refocused perspective including secrets for your God-assigned life

Here's what we'll do over the next 8 days

  • Day 1. Discover The Clues In Your Heart (Quick Quiz)

    Regardless of what anyone says, you are a child of God and it has never been our Heavenly Father's intent that we be ignorant of His purpose within us, so, there are clues which already exist within your heart; on day one, we'll take a quick discovery journey to connect with what those heart-clues are and how to best use them in your everyday life; 

  • Day 2. Get Your Head In The Game

    Your kingdom adventure, just like any other life journey, is going to have pleasant and unpleasant moments; so on day twowe had to make sure you have the right mindset to travel so you have a solid success foundation to launch or relaunch any dream you've been carrying in your heart;

  • Day 3. Smash Through Your Most Common Roadblocks

    On our kingdom adventures, we all have to get those perceived limitations out of our way; we have to break those invisible boxes or stay stuck; everyone is a little scared to do new things, to move forward in new ways, but the alternative is to stay stuck and frustrated, so on day three, we'll discuss what limits us and how to walk through them.

  • Day 4. Create Your BIG Picture Life

    Since you are going somewhere on your adventure, there must be some idea of where you are going and what you are moving to accomplish, based on what God has put in your heart to do on the earth, so on day four we'll discuss how to take your dreams, hopes, and desires and seamlessly put them together into a clear roadmap you can follow.

  • Day 5. Catapult your Clarity

    We all have to get clear on what we really want from this adventure, why it is important, what we value and consider as priority, and how we will approach this assignment day-to-day; so on day five, you will get clear on is "what could possibly be something that connects with your passion so you could begin focusing on doing in the world.

  • Day 6. Shift Into Your Unique Place (S.P.H.E.R.E)

    You will learn how to stop drifting through life and stand in the power of your God-assigned place, within your Significant SPHERE, because it is in that place designed just for you; it is the unique place where God’s grace is found for you to do what you were born to do. so on day six we'll discuss the simple shifts you can make for better results.

  • Day 7. Excavate Your Untapped Treasure Trove

    It’s time to stop looking everywhere outside for the power to do something significant; it’s time to really begin looking within for your power to contribute and become your destiny; it was time to look within and tap into God’s deposit within you to make a difference, make an impact, to live and love your adventure, and leave a legacy; so on day seven we'll discuss exactly how to goldmine your life. 

  • Day 8. Journey NEXT...

    How do you keep your momentum and your power for continually advancing with your kingdom adventure in high gear so you accomplish more in the next 30 days than most people get done in 30 months? On day eight we'll discuss a few possible next steps for accelerating towards the goasl, desires and dreams God has already put within your heart.

Here's What You're Getting Inside...

  • 8 Days Of Daily Interactive Training Via The Private Membership Group 
    10-30 Minutes of Daily Training From Conrad ($197 Value)

  • The "Advance Your Kingdom Adventure" Mission-book: A workbook for taking notes, and completing the simple assignments that will give you access to a deeper level of personal clarity and calling. ($19 Value)

  • The "eMail + SMS (Text) Messaging Support 
    You'll get daily reminders and prompts via email and text messages to keep you engaged and motivated on your adventure. ($59 Value)